Welcome to my personal blog

Writing is my magic mirror.

It doesn't just show me how things are but it has helped me give my thoughts shape and form.
It is through its' reflection that I have learnt so much some intentionally or as a natural outcome.

My personal blog are interpretations of life.
My life as I see it, through the different lenses of both, my professional and personal growth.

I'm glad you are here. This is where my thoughts meet my words and today I meet you :)

Enjoying reading


How I built 6 habits in 6 months

Our lives are nothing but a sum total of all the choices we make every day. Habits are nothing but choices. You choose to wake up early instead of snoozing the clock. You choose to workout for 10 mins instead of scrolling through your feed and letting it suck you into a black hole and so many of the many choices you are making subconsciously. This article provides a practical and realistic method of making your habits stick.

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